Company Overview

The Berlanga group of Companies was originally incorporated in 1994 in the Netherlands. Through its various subsidiaries, the Group has accomplished several successful projects during its 24 years of existence. The Group is backed by very substantial financial resources, allowing it to develop significant projects in its own right or attract partners and outside funding if desired. The Group’s management style is efficient and decisive with short communication lines, enabling it to make significant investment decisions quickly and effectively.

The Berlanga Group operates through its companies and offices in Singapore and the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, which are all independently entitled to engage on behalf of the Group, depending on type of activities and regions.

The Group’s management team has a long and distinguished track record of successfully developing significant oil and gas projects around the world. The senior members of the technical team have each over 25 years of experience with major oil and gas projects both onshore and offshore and have specific expertise in operating in difficult and remote areas, which are geologically and operationally challenging, including many in remote locations of frontier markets.


The Berlanga Group of companies originated with Berlanga Holding BV, a Dutch company which invested in projects in developing markets to bring experience, knowledge, technical and financial capabilities to make substantial contributions to the economics in which it operates.

Starting from the 1990s, the Berlanga Group invested in projects in Central Asia, in countries such as Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Investments were mainly in the oil and gas industry, but also in agriculture, mining, construction and real estate.

The Berlanga Group has offices in Singapore and Yangon.

Following successful investments in the Caspian region in 2013, Berlanga decided to widen its investment horizon to include Southeast Asia and successfully entered Myanmar and Thailand in 2013 and 2014. Berlanga announced the acquisition of interest in Thai onshore producing assets L43 and L33 from Carnarvon Petroleum. Building on its existing Caspian presence, Berlanga is now looking to broaden its strategic remit into the Caspian/Middle East Region.

Berlanga Delivers Results:

We have deep technical and commercial knowledge of the upstream oil and gas industry in challenging operating areas and experience of unlocking value in       oil and gas projects through creative and cost-effective solutions
Our senior people have spent decades in the industry, they have extensive networks allowing access to the oil service sector
We deliver what we promise
We are independent and trustworthy-without any other agenda
We understand inherent risks in the industry and what it takes to manage these risks
One critical importance is that Berlanga has very strong financials and funding from its own shareholders



In 2009, our Kazakhstani subsidiaries Kuat Holding Company and KuatAmlonMunay were producing 15,000 barrels of oil per day, making it the largest independent oil producer at that time in Central Asia before it was sold to CNPC-Zhenhua Oil.


In Turkmenistan, Berlanga Turkmenistan B.V. negotiated a PSA for one of the offshore blocks in the Caspian Sea.


In 2012, the management decided to explore opportunities beyond Central Asia, and to invest in Myanmar and East Africa. The Group was qualified and participated in onshore and offshore bidding rounds in Myanmar. In October 2013, the Group was awarded The onshore block MOGE-4 followed in March 2014, by the offshore block M-8. The Group operates the M8 offshore through Berlanga Myanmar Pte. Ltd. and operates the MOGE-4 onshore block through CAOG Pte. Ltd., both are subsidiaries of the Group. Both blocks are operated via branch offices in Myanmar, which were opened in 2014.


In February 2015, Berlanga completed the acquisition of 20% interest in three onshore concessions (L44/43, L33/43 & SW1) in Thailand, with production reaching 5,500 bbl/d of light crude oil. The three onshore concessions are located in the Phetchabun Basin, a Tertiary rift basin in the interior of Thailand.